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through art.

Prime Faktorization  /  2024


The prime factorization is a mathematical process in which a natural number is decomposed into its prime factors. Prime factors are the smallest prime numbers that compose a number. This decomposition is unique for each natural number and provides important insight into its mathematical structure.

When considering the number of required prime factors for each number, a fractal, repeating pattern emerges, revealing an order that has been elusive in the distribution of prime numbers. It seems that prime numbers are the architects of numbers rather than arbitrary entities.

Fibonacci Sequence  /  2020

The Fibonacci number sequence, also known as the golden ratio or divine proportion, describes a harmonious and balanced growth in nature using whole numbers. The resulting ratio of 61.8% to 38.2% is frequently used in architecture and art to achieve a pleasing result.

Prime Number Systems  /  2022

Prime numbers are a very extensive topic that has been studied by many mathematicians and scientists. There are numerous applications in cryptography, data compression, and number theory. I am particularly fascinated by the concepts that state that prime numbers are the building blocks of matter and exhibit certain patterns that indicate an order in the universe.


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