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Commissioned Work


With passion, I create a unique piece that fills your space with harmonious power and golden aesthetics.

For optimal impact of my golden systems in small and large spaces, I have found and tested the format of 150 cm x 150 cm x 4 cm to be ideal. However, if you're interested in other formats, feel free to contact me to inquire about the price for your custom dimensions.

The gold leaf is bonded to the substrate, the canvas, using a special adhesive for metal leaf. These areas are gilded. The matte varnish is impact-resistant and sturdy, offering a beautiful contrast to the reflective gold.


When creating each system, I work analogously with compasses, rulers, and protractors, crafting each piece anew. The fascination lies in the synergy of precision, craftsmanship, perseverance, vision, concentration, dedication, and creativity. 

For more information on the timeline and process of creating a commissioned piece, please feel free to use my contact form. I look forward to your inquiry!


Thank you!

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